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Online sales now account for 16% of retail sales, but a report by the US Commerce Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that this share will rise to 25% by 2026, according to research by UBS. The consultancy, which is a member of the World Economic Forum, said it expects store closures to outstrip opening if retailers continue to adjust the size of their space.

Dollar General plans to open 1,000 new stores this year, but UBS says 75,000 more could close by 2026, including more than 2,500 in West Lafayette.

Online shopping is growing rapidly and thousands more stores will close in the coming years as they continue to replace physical store purchases and feed into retailers' profits. Pop-up stores remain a popular tool for many retailers, but online brands will open stores, fitness and fitness concepts will spread, food and drink concepts will grow and online shopping will grow rapidly. Clothing, sporting goods, electronics and other consumer goods retailers are therefore forced to close, according to the UBS report.

Whether you want to experience a vibrant and unique in-store experience or are looking for the latest and best options in health, fitness, food and beverages, enjoy the quality food options that are provided for you and your family. From locally sourced meat to artisanal breads baked daily from hormones - free meat and artisanal bread - the store's goal is to offer the best and most natural products that can be found in the store.

Every day we strive to offer the surrounding community a unique shopping experience, which is carried out by hand - selected products from our farmers and local suppliers. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the West Lafayette Fresh Thyme Store and will be with you as you prepare for your first visit. Show your support to Lafayette and other local communities while we constantly find new and exciting local products that you and your family will love. No matter where you are on your journey, our store will provide you with food on the go.

The West Lafayette Fresh Thyme Store is also located at the intersection of Salisbury St. and Sagamore Pkwy., in the heart of Lafayette, Indiana, just a short drive from the Lafayette Convention Center. At Fresh Thyme, we love being a part of the surrounding communities and local economy in Lafayette and surrounding communities.

There is a free trolley bus that runs from downtown Lafayette to West Lafayette, Purdue and back, as well as to Union, Indiana, and Lafayette Convention Center.

If you are looking for a free trolley ticket to stay here, you should make your reservation early as they are quickly booked up. These tickets are so cheap that you can request a free transfer ticket, see the timetable for details. This bus line runs at any time when classes are not taking place, so If you plan to travel to or from Purdue, Lafayette Convention Center or any other nearby university, make an early reservation as they fill up quickly!

Sign up with a valid guest library card at any location of the West Lafayette Public Library, such as the Lafayette Library, Lafayette City Library, or Lafayette Community Library.

For more information about the West Lafayette Public Library, please contact the library at (317) 888-5555 or online.

Buy natural body care products and supplements, including strictly tested CBD products, and buy a wide range of natural and natural health and wellness products. Browse the wide range of organic, natural, organic and cruel foods and drinks and discover the latest in natural food, beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle from around the world. Get your hands on cold cuts and cheeses, add an olive bar to your starter spread or take a fresh salad or sushi roll made with quality ingredients. Try Irish pizza: Get fresh, custom-made pizzas right in front of your eyes or try the Irish Pizza at the West Lafayette Public Library.

The vast majority of Purdue campus will probably say that Harry's is one of the best beer bars on campus because it has something for everyone. Many different types of draught beers are produced by local breweries as well as local craft breweries from across the country. Students meet here at the end of their pub tour and like to share their favourite beers.

Karaoke offers 7 nights a week, good food is served daily and there is no shortage of great beer and wine on offer in the bar area.

They offer a variety of popular menus from Korea and Japan, including handmade noodles, freshly prepared daily, and a wide selection of other items. They also have billiards and a wide selection of beer and wine for purchase (west of Wal-Mart). You have an Airimba ($48) that offers good selection, good food and good beer for those who go in.

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More About West Lafayette