West Lafayette Indiana Restaurants

Whether you're looking for a traditional, iconic meal or just want to remind yourself of the snacks you had during your freshman year, be sure to discover some hidden gems on campus - there's no shortage of great restaurants! The ambience of this charming café takes you back to the European romances of West Lafayette. The Market Square in Lafayette, there is a dining room called the Toy Attic Room. If you have seen my posts here and here, you will learn that it is full of antique toys of all kinds.

The Garden Gate Tea House will surely have tea for everyone - mismatched furniture and matching windows create the charm of the perfect teahouse, as do the elegant, incongruous teapots and teacups.

If that's still not your cup of tea, make sure the natural gelato is too decadent to resist - they even do it so well that I can personally confirm this assumption. Another must-try - try the Creme Brulee Latte, which is supposedly addictive, and I'm pretty sure it is.

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The juicy bacon wrapped scallops were served with Yukon mashed potatoes and a homemade honey-ancho chilli sauce. Typically, I couldn't stop eating the mashed potatoes on my husband's plate, but the picture is, without lying, the second plate I ordered on our table after the first went too fast. This pasta dish is amazing and I will eat more of it because it is so good.

The decision on which sauce to order takes all night, so just pick the ranch, marinara, nacho cheese and garlic. The best snack is the pizza-coloured cheese sticks, but I think I'll spread the bread with garlic butter and sprinkle with Parmesan.

For a decadent treat, try the Milkshake of the Month or stick to the classic ice creams such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and vanilla pod. You can also mix your favorite flavors and create your own "den of pop" that you can keep during your time here at Purdue, a little secret recipe.

I think there is no doubt that Lafayette and West Lafayette have a lot to offer in terms of the gastronomic opportunities they have to offer. So the next time you visit Purdue, be sure to drop by one of these restaurants when you're in the area.

A Friday night is the perfect opportunity to order some Mad Mush and cheese bread after a long night of partying and studying. Bring your parents over for a nice weekend lunch, have a good beer with a few friends, listen to good music and enjoy.

I settled on the Chicken Bacon Ranch pita and wouldn't have a hard time not forgetting it. After I told the chef that I liked it, it quickly became a popular menu item and I like it so much that I have to settle for it.

Garden Gate Tea House serves sandwiches with Great Harvest Bread Company bread and makes salads, dressings and desserts in-house. They serve lunch and tea and sandwiches on Great Harvest Brod Company breads. Tunnel helped Harry stay in business and the tradition of going to his classes has been preserved to this day.

If you have an unusually bad sugar addiction from time to time, buy whatever it is and skip the den of pop you've never had before. Order a whole box, take the milk and give it 32 ounces of pure milkshake goodness. If you live under a rock and have never had a pop cave before, just skip it and order one.

Pappy's has been serving its milkshakes since 1927, serving Purdue students ice cream and burgers in the Union's basement. The Route 66 diner doesn't have as much history as Triple XXX, but it belongs to its owners Greg and his wife Mary and their two sons Mike and Greg.

Although I don't have much of the ice, I can tell you that this spot was a direct hit. When you sit at Bruno's, you can look out the window and see all the restaurants and bars of West Lafayette and the city skyline.

If you're having a bad day and craving only biscuits, insomnia is the only option if you have to return from a night out. One of the times I get news about how my friends spent the night before is the Hillenbrunch. I've had breakfast there before, as it's served during the day, but at weekends it's incredibly better: you make your own pancakes and omelettes. This is a BIG casual dining room with open - grilled pizza and sports, and I am impressed by the quantity and quality of the meals.

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More About West Lafayette