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According to an article in the Purdue Exponent, here are some of the various light displays that will be operating on the Purdue University campus for Christmas 2020, according to a press release. Drive to the festival grounds to drive through more than 1 million lights synced to traditional and new Christmas music played on the car's stereo. The show will feature additional lighting, including a spectacular 40-foot-long light wall, making it the largest light show in West Lafayette history and the centerpiece of this year's festivities. There are subdivisions where homeowners decorate their personal belongings, but these are the few you hear through the vines every year to be highly decorated.

There is a free trolley bus that runs from downtown Lafayette to West Lafayette, Purdue and back and then back to Purdue University.

State Rd. 52 crosses the river on the north side of West Lafayette, and the south and north are just a few blocks apart on both sides of the river.

The Schoolhouses The Rhinehart Music Center, which has a state-of-the-art performance and rehearsal facility, and the Department of Theatre maintain a recently renovated black box. The school also offers a full-time music education program, the West Lafayette School of Music, with classes in music, theater, dance, drama, music history, art history and more. Lafayette is home to the Screaming Weasel, the world's largest and most popular musical theater company.

Killer Beans Coffee now has a brick - and - mortar home, and they make a lot of different beers on tap, but only some of the beers are made and served locally. Try the Irish pizza (don't ask for bud lights, it's beer only) and the killer bean coffee.

The expected line-ups: The season is celebrated with glittering lights, festive music and a wide selection of craft beers and wines on tap.

If you want to enjoy one of the best food and beverages in West Lafayette, make your reservation early as they are quickly booked up.

Located in historic downtown Lafayette's Main Street, this shop and restaurant is truly one of the most popular food and drink destinations in West Lafayette.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, John Mellencamp had one of the most successful careers of his career. Sonic Iguana recorded and mastered 10 # 1 singles, including his first two albums, "Sonic" and "Iguana," as well as a number of other albums. All of them had a Hot 100 and were mastered and recorded by legendary producer / engineer / songwriter / record producer Steve Albini.

Also emerging from Lafayette's music scene of the 1980s are Izzy Stradlin and Axl Rose, who later founded Hollywood Rose and Guns N 'Roses. A young guitarist named Chris Russell took over the lead guitar for the band's first full-length album, "Hollywood Rose.

The band caused various controversies during their career, which captivated the punk scene in Indiana and often eclipsed their music. Almost all of the best times occurred in Lafayette, when most people would have been caught dead in the parking lot after the band headlined. Joe saw a flyer advertising a show at door 3 and figured out how to capture a live show. After the show, Lafayette's music director became a fan of Walker, a no-nonsense punk band that paid its dues and paid its dues to the local scene.

At that point, Shortbus, which I saw, Brian Bush (who I've heard of, played in Kenny's first band in Lafayette), Crunge and a new band called Scab were all on stage.

Tramlaw was practicing in an old warehouse on Sycamore Street that belonged to a Midwestern rental car, and they also had billiards. I went west to Wal-Mart and had a great time with them and a bit of billiards. The Union is just a few blocks from the West Lafayette Police Department and a few blocks west of Walmart.

Wrecked Hooligan Records was formed in 2012 and released a compilation entitled Coast to Coast. Problems, which featured on the upcoming Skri LLa & the Crew album, debuted on Comcast / Xfinity's Inside Tracks. Hidden in one of the most beautiful shopping malls I have ever seen is a nondescript building that is home to the musical Mecca of the Midwest. AZMyth Recording Studios in Indianapolis where I live and I am a member of a local band.

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